Following Chris Browns arrest in his home after beauty queen Baylee Curran called the police, new evidence suggests the beauty queen was lying about the incident. Chris Brown’s lawyers have stated that no guns were found in his home after the police and SWAT teams acquired a search warrant and entered his home. He was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He was posted on $250,000 bail and released the same day.

Curran claimed that she was looking at jewelry when Brown approached her, pulled out a gun and pointed it at her, and told her to leave his compound. According to reports, Curran’s statements are not completely consistent with what was found in the house. She claimed she was looking at a diamond box of jewelry but no such thing was found in the compound. Her statement begins to look even more questionable when factoring in how no guns were found on the property.


Most interestingly, reports also state that an alleged text message was sent by Curran to somebody else in which she discusses that she was going “set up” Chris Brown. If this is true, it becomes more likely that Curran set up this entire situation on false premises.

Curran is also believed to have friendly relations with Nia Guzman, the mother of Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty. Guzman has tried on several occasions to gain sole custody of Royalty which Chris Brown has fought against.

In lighter news, Chris Brown has recently premiered a new video for his new song “Grass Ain’t Greener”, which can be watched below.