As it turns out, Steph Curry refuses to allow himself to forget about game 7 which saw his team, the Golden State Warriors, lose to a LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers team. Steph addressed the game in a recent interview stating that it provides “motivation to get in the gym and keep working”. Golden State lost the NBA title to the Cavaliers in a 93-89 result after the Warriors finished with a historic 73-9 regular season record.

The full interview can be watched below via ESPN:

The interview took place during Steph’s current tour of Asia. Curry was hosting a basketball clinic in Guangzhou, where he spent the day. Steph takes full blame for his own performance in the game, which many people have criticized and called him a “shell of himself” during the final game of the series despite reports that the Warriors sharp shooter was not completely healthy for the game.


The Warrior point guard is now focussed on the future, which certainly looks bright with the acquisition of star player Kevin Durant. Curry also touches on the subject of the Warriors now being the “villains” in the NBA, expressing amusement and saying that he “laughed at that”. Just as fellow star Klay Thompson of the Warriors said that he wouldn’t be sacrificing his game for the sake of Durant, Curry also states that his game will not change with the addition.