Read it carefully: “Hip Hop Artist”, not “emcee”. The reason I make this distinction is because “emcee” comes with the implication that the rapper in question writes ALL his own music. Jay-Z is an emcee. Eminem is an emcee. Pac & Big were emcees. Drake, at least to me, is a hip hop artist, not an emcee. As we all know by now, Meek Mill exposed Drake last year (2015) for not writing all his own lyrics. This was backed up by the multitude of reference tracks that have since been released online that have ended up on Drake’s recent albums/mixtapes.

However, one thing that can’t be disputed is the guy’s current dominance over the Hip Hop music scene. Honestly, a strong argument can be made that he’s the most dominant musician in the entire industry across all genres at this current moment. However, is it right to say that he is the hottest guy in the game right now?

A recent article went up online that stated that Drake was in the Billboard top 10 for almost an entire year STRAIGHT. He missed the mark by one single week. Which is truly insane if you think about it. This is the kind of stuff you would normally expect to hear from major pop figures like a Taylor Swift or a Beyonce or even a Justin Bieber. Never in Hip Hop has there ever been a star like Drake and the numbers do nothing but add to the proof. To this day Views, his last album, has sold 1.4 million copies worldwide.

Few, VERY few, Hip Hop artists have been able to enter (and provide an impact) into the mainstream limelight and dominate the way Drake has. And, at least by the numbers, NOBODY has able to completely dominate the way Drake has. Even GOAT Hip Hop figures like Lil Wayne or Jay Z in the prime of their careers haven’t put up this great of an impact with their numbers.

I recognize that streaming is something that is inflating Drake’s numbers slightly (as now album sales include both physical sales as well as online plays) and that’s something that Lil Wayne and Jay Z never had during their respective primes but even at that it’s hard to dispute that Drake is still having an astonishing impact.

Drake’s still currently on his Summer Sixteen tour, which also happens to be the most talked about tour at this current moment as well.

The man continues to set records and break records on what seems like a weekly basis these days. Whether he really writes his music or not it seems that Drake has managed to hold a firm grip on mainstream music and it’s looking like he’s not planning on letting that go anytime soon.