Jermaine Cole and Kendrick Lamar, two top notch lyrical hip hop artists, have been rumoured to be dropping a collaboration album for a long time now. But I say that it’s not going to happen. Whenever you Google their names all you see are a couple posts on how the release date has been “pushed back”. How long can they keep pushing it back though?

At this point I no longer expect a Kendrick and Cole joint album. Rumours about their collaboration album has been going on for YEARS now and there has been absolutely no proof to back up the rumours. The closest we’ve ever gotten is the Black Friday remix that they both did to one another’s songs.

If you think about it the two are so different on a content basis that it’s tough to even imagine them combining forces. The one topic of conversation they both have in common is their advocacy of Black Lives Matter. Which is a great topic, but it’s only one topic. One topic isn’t good enough for an entire album. It’s great for maybe a single or two but not an entire project. Cole is an introspective rapper and gives his perspective on life, fame, money, and his personal experiences. Kendrick is a socially conscious rapper who discusses current issues on the world. The two just don’t really match.

MIND YOU, if they did finally sit down together in the studio and hash out this album then it would be a WONDERFUL album, but I just don’t see it happening. Not after this long. The initial hype for their collaborative album is long gone at this point.