More troubles between Birdman and Lil Wayne hit the news. Recently, Kanye West revealed that Tyga is now signed to GOOD Music. However, new reports suggest that Lil Wayne did not approve of this. Lil Wayne reportedly NEVER signed off on Tyga leaving.

Lil Wayne is apparently displeased with Birdman’s action of letting him leave the label imprint. Lil Wayne felt that his signature would have been needed to grant Tyga his leave seeing as how Wayne owns 49% of Young Money Entertainment. Left to Wayne, reports say that Wayne would have vetoed the move if he had knowledge of Tyga’s intentions.


Tyga has in the past complained about his label, tweeting about how he held the label responsible for holding back the release of his “Gold Album”. Tyga tweeted at a fan saying that he wouldn’t be signed to Young Money “for long”. It seems this was a foreshadowing of his eventual leave.

This situation will only serve to keep Birdman and Lil Wayne at war with one another.