Weezy celebrated his birthday yesterday. A lot of people were quick to wish him a happy birthday. Of these people includes Drake who made an Instagram post and mentioned support for the “Free Carter 5” campaign. It got me thinking

Drake made me think about just how important this album really is for hip hop. Not that it’s going to be the BEST project ever (it probably will be though) but rather how this album is a huge missing piece in the puzzle. We all know a great detail about Lil Wayne and Young Money, his music label. But so much remains a mystery with the delay of this album. The Carter series has always been Wayne’s best (and highest selling) music. Not having this album by now, after all these years, is a really depressing thought in one way.

Gladly there is still a lot of hope. As we know now Birdman is being forced to show where he spent the Young Money cash advance from Universal. To me this symbolizes one huge leap forward and one step closer to the long awaited release of Carter 5 after YEARS. I have a feeling that this release is inevitable.

Happy Birthday Lil Tunechi.