Lil Wayne’s memoir, “Gone Till November” is set to drop on the 11th of October where he chronicles his time spent at jail in Riker’s Island. Weezy spent a total of 8 months in prison and has given hints about what will be on the memoir.

Recently it’s been learned that Drake came to visit Wayne and told him about sleeping with his girlfriend, Diddy caused mass chaos because everybody wanted to see him, Wayne officiated homosexual weddings between prison mates, as well as his nervousness when he rapped for the first time in the yard in front of the prison mates.

Wayne’s been quoted saying he “doesn’t want to go back to that bitch” and fully describes how sobering and eye opening his whole experience was in the prison.

Given the recent career predicaments that Wayne has found himself in, this book should provide for him something else to draw his attention and work.