The Cleveland Cavaliers NEED to resign JR Smith. It doesn’t really take much to prove that he was a valuable piece when it came to the Cavs victory over the Warriors to win the title. Many can point to the exact moment where JR Smith’s back to back 3s changed the entire motion of the game.

LeBron has now come out and spoken to the media saying he wants JR Smith back. LeBron is the player-coach of the Cavs and is the backbone of the Cavaliers team. If he feels the need to comment on JR Smith’s delayed signing then it’s a pretty clear sign that he’s quite frustrated.

I truly feel like the Cavaliers would be way WORSE of a team without JR Smith. He can hit 3s at an efficient rate when he’s locked in, a very valuable asset in a now 3-point driven league. They really need to hurry up and finalize this deal. The dispute is over roughly $3 million extra that JR Smith wants. However, the Cavs organization says they can’t pay JR the extra $3 million because they are at their salary cap.

The Cavs owe it to LeBron to resign JR Smith.