To the fear of 29 other teams in the league, it looks like Durant is warming up with Steph and the gang over in Golden State. The Warriors played the Clippers last night and crushed their competition in a 120-75 win.

NOW WAIT, this is still only the pre season so we can’t look to deeply into this. Teams are for sure going to step it up once the games really matter. But it is exciting to see a result like this because this is the result that everyone is expecting the Warriors to have on a rather consistent basis. Their first pre season game against the Raptors saw them lose but at least they got this one.

It wasn’t just luck either. The Warriors won this with a combination of 3s, finishing at the rim, and their notorious ball movement. A lot of people really underestimate how Kevin Durant’s playing style already fits in so well with the way the Warriors play and this is a small (and insignificant at this point in time, I stress this once again) display of what’s to come.