What does J. Cole mean when he says that this is hit “last concert for a long time”? He recently said that at a concert, his last concert, he would be taking a long break.

Personally I can respect this decision from him. I think he’s probably gonna go and work on his next album or something oft he like. The last time he dropped a project was in late 2014 and I think he’s gonna go work on some new material to up his catalogue. He’s been on tour nonstop ever since that album dropped too so it will serve jointly as a break for him.

J. Cole is the kinda guy where he needs to be in his element to produce the great works like he’s done in the past so a little r&r from the spotlight will give him the extra inspiration that he needs for the project.

He’s talked before about his possible retirement from the rap game so there could be speculation that this is going to be his last album. Personally I do not believe this to be true but you never know. I don’t think he’s going to retire for at least a couple more years, but I could be wrong.