He’s really looking for Revenge bruh. During one his Summer Sixteen shows the night of October 9th, Drake when on a streak and subliminally called out every “rapper” or “singer” coming at him. He’s not taking any shit anymore.

He also tried to physically size up his foes, saying he’s “from the Six” and he “[goes] there every time by [himself]”. Emphasizing the latter part, I feel like this is him trying to show and tell that he’s not as soft as they keep saying he is. He’s been the poster boy for “soft niggas” his entire career since he stepped on the scene with Degrassi and he’s tryna show that he’s not about that life anymore. Good on him for that tough talk, but let’s see if this goes anywhere for his image. His next path in career could be focussing on more tough talk. Remember how he’s recorded a bunch of songs already? Since ‘Views’ is out of the way and he’s done satisfying the general public, he has the ability and time to put together a loose cut filled with raw rap. Fans like it when Drizzy goes off in songs, and a loose cut project like that would give him the perfect chance to do it.

He faced the challenge of going to Philly and pulling out a huge crowd, so that’s a W there, but now he’s got opportunities to up his image as he desires.