It seems a lot of people are now seriously under the impression that Kanye was calling out Drake for copying his shows? But does this actually have any validity? Does Yeezy actually have any right to do this?

If you think about it, Kanye’s entire career has been built off of borrowing from others (eg. sampling) as an innovative tool to further his own overall creativity. So does it make sense for him to have people stop copying HIS ideas if HIS ideas are small parts made up of OTHER ideas? Something doesn’t sound right there.

Now granted, it’s a fair claim for him to feel like people are going over the top in their “influence” from Ye but he didn’t name names so you’ll have to figure out who hewas possibly talking to on your own, as will I.

This news of Ye possible calling out Drake has been on several blogs now and it looks like it won’t stop spreading for at least the next little bit of time here.