My thoughts on Drake’s song “One Dance” breaking the biggest Spotify record there is to break is that it’s great for Hip Hop music, nothing more nothing less. The song features British singer Kyla and Nigerian singer WizKid. It’s put together in a weird mix: it’s short, but it sticks.

Part of the reason that I think this song is so successful is precisely because of it’s lengths. It’s a nice easy tune that clocks in at just 3 minutes. Precisely just the amount of time where it’s not too short but not too long and the song itself packs all the punch it needs and then some in order to stick in your head and not let you forget it.

An article I read a little while ago noted that a huge factor in “One Dance”‘s pervasiveness on Spotify is that it’s included in so many playlists. Which brings me to another point, the song is very versatile. It can fit in any pop playlist, party playlist, pre-drink playlist, cruise music playlist, and it can even narrowly be squeezed into a lot of hip hop playlists. The versatility of this song is definitely a huge factor in its success.

Congratz to the 6 God on this one. Rumours are going around that you got new music coming out. Please do us all a huge favour and drop it, thanks.