“You think you Chapo. You were bagging weed watching Pacino. You never LIVED it.”

Drizzy Drake came hard at Pusha T with some bars recently. Pusha T’s been coming at Young Money for years now as we know. He’s thrown shots at Drake and Lil Wayne in the past, Young Money has fired back, the whole deal. Drake’s coming out again taking shots at Pusha T.

Essentially the premise of his jabs at Pusha T this round is based on how Pusha T raps like he’s really lived a life like El Chapo but has nothing to show for it. If you listen to Pusha T’s music, it’s heavily predicated on drug dealing. He raps in a way where he seems on par to a drug lord figure like El Chapo but Drake is saying that he doesn’t buy it. Essentially calling him fake.

I like this cuz this is another good battle for Hip Hop heads to decipher. Pusha T is one of what I like to refer to as the “lyrically inclined”. And in all honesty Drake has also proven at times that he (he and the OVO sweatshop that is) can give some solid bars.