Mainsteam and Hip Hop media right now is focussed on the diss Drake gave to Cudi. A lot of people are really quite upset at Drake because they feel he went too far this time.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the song in question is called “Two Birds One Stone” and was debuted by Drake and Oliver El-Khatib during last Sunday’s (Oct. 23) episode of OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music. Drake took shots at Cudi after Cudi was recently publicly admitted to having mental wellness issues, prompting the hashtag #YouGoodMan on Twitter in response of Cudi’s support. BEFORE this, however, Cudi took shots at Drake and Kanye questioning their talent if they supposedly have multiple people writing for them. Right now people are calling Drake low for taking these shots while he’s in rehab for recovery.

It’s this exact tweet that leads me to the conclusion that Drake’s diss isn’t bad. It’s Hip Hop. Now be careful where you judge this statement, nobody’s saying that dissing mental illness is a good thing. That’s where this is all kinda falling apart. People who only casually listen to Hip Hop are probably thinking that Drake struck first, but that’s not the case. Drake has EVERY right as an emcee in Hip Hop to clap back at Cudi who threw the first jabs. That’s quite literally his job. I think it’s unfair to think less of Drake who was only replying to a previous diss. The casual listeners likely don’t know any context about this new beef and what lead to. In this day and age in Hip Hop, rappers throw SUBLIMINAL jabs. If you can’t read between the lines, my nigga, it’s on you. If you don’t know any of the context between these two, that’s on you as well.

Of course there’s the argument that Drake mentioning the rehab is low, which is quite honestly a fair accusation. But that’s not the ONLY thing that is being raised in this debate, Cudi has taken shots at Drake too. It doesn’t matter in this case who had the “worse” diss, what matters is why these guys are taking shots at each other.

In all honesty, in the Hip Hop game, when Cudi gets back out of rehab it’s ENTIRELY likely that he’s gonna come back at Drake with something personal too. This probably won’t be the last we’re hearing of these two.