Meek dropped DC4 so I decided to review the entire project at once. Right off the bat I can say that I like the artwork. There’s great creativity with it so I give him props. I hope this project further sets Meek apart from the rest. In my opinion he’s the 4th guy of his generation after Drake, Kendrick, and Cole. This is his first release after Dreams Worth More Than Money which was tainted with his crushing defeat at the hands of Drake. But that’s the past, and Meek’s back.


1.On The Regular

Hard 808s. Meek’s flow is raw, savage. Love how he speaks to your inner nature, it’s dope. Great song, only a decent intro though.

2. Blessed Up

I like his voice in this. Once again his flow is nice over the low growling 808. “Change the speed / Game 7 / Bron James on you” sheeeeesh. “Balling like I’m Jordan like I’m Blessed Up”. As a huge basketball fan, this speaks wonders to me. The outro is really nice on this, a nice chill way to end the drums. Like that little input from whoever produced this.

3. Litty (feat. Tory Lanez)

This whole song is probably full of subliminal jabs at Drake, just off my hunch. Good melody, nice synth (some sort of brass or something). Tory Lanez’s half singing half rapping is deeeecent over this beat. Doesn’t add anything, but doesn’t take anything away. Decent feature overall. Said something about Quentin Miller so I assume there’s some sort of jab at Drake in that. More of the same from Lanez. “We Litty again” mehhh.

4. Shine

Like the opening sample, what a heavenly voice. This is a good one. So far the best I’ve heard on the project. This is one that I will for sure be returning to after this first listen. Meek sounds good on this, sounding more on the emotional/reminiscing side. The cymbal crashes on the beat are my favourite drum element. Adds to the high end perfectly. The choir is just phenomenal. Great sample. Gotta find out what sample that is later. “Sitting in the mansion / Could’ve been in the Fed’s” sheeeesh.

5. Froze (feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Nicki Minaj)

Credit to Uzi on this one, he’s great with melody and that’s undeniable. This track is well inserted in the flow of the album. Meek’s really going in on this one. I’m glad he’s spitting while Uzi covers the melody portion, it makes for a good combo. “Dudes is mad at these 80 M’s” Nicki slaaaaaaaay. Biased Nicki fan. She sounds hard on this, once again proving her relentlessness. Love her hitting Uzi’s melody, she sounds great on it. Nicki can kill on the verse and the melody, highlighting both Uzi and Meek at the ending.

6. The Difference (feat. Quavo)

Hard 808 again. Quavo killing them ad-libs once again. The Migos flow is infectious. “They know the difference”, that’s a killer hook from Meek. Quavo’s flow for his verse is good, flows well on the beat. I like the melody on this beat too, it’s subtle but well placed. The 808 takes care of most of this beat.

7. Lights Out (feat. Don Q)

Somebody better do an instrumental remake of this, that melody is fresh. “Niggas do it for the Internet”, that’s a Drake jab. Twitter fingers no more, I don’t wanna hear that term ever again. Don Q does well on his verse, good flow. Overall a slower tune compared to the previous tracks.

8. Blue Notes

Another slow tune, even slower. Phenomenal opening sample though. Meek actually sounds kinda quieter in this one. People who listen to Meek on the regular (on the regular, lol, get it?) really know what I mean by this statement. Nice flow on this one. “I just seen a nigga get a L”, that’s a chant worthy bar. The sample is really amazing.

9. Offended (feat. Young Thug & 21 Savage)

Jeffrey, fresh off “No, My Name Is Jeffrey”. Unsure of what to call him right now I can’t lie. But he sounds good on this song and that’s what matters right now. Meek is… singing? Whaaaa? MEEK WAS SINGING. For a couple bars. Looks like Meek’s really experimenting with his voice now, trying to expand. Another bar about getting an L. Twenty one, twenty one, twenty one. Good verse from 21 Savage.

10. You Know (feat. YFN Lucci)

MEEK SINGING AGAIN, bruh. He’s trying. Good input from YFN Lucci, doesn’t break up what Meek laid down in the beginning. NICKI SLAYYYYYY, love her singing. Sneaky not putting her in the title.

11. Way Up (feat. Tracy T)

The melody is crazy, great first impression. Meek’s flow is really crazy. He’s not screaming and yelling that much anymore, which is refreshing. This is another song I’m for sure gonna return to. “Cross ’em up / I’m Kyrie Irving with the lay up” bonus points again from a fan of the game. Gonna be scary for the league when he enters his prime.

12. Two Wrongs (feat. Guordon Banks & Pusha T)

Great hook from Guordon Banks. Good beat. A slower cut. Smooth. Overall good impressions from this song. Pusha T is a great fit for this beat.

13. Tony Story 3

Bars from Meek. This song is perfectly fitted into the album/tape. He’s delivered already on some melodies, some flows, some hard beats, great melodies, good features, even some singing. Now he’s toning down the instrumental and giving bars straight. Great fit. Love the Tony Story series Meek’s got going on, another great addition. “To be continued”. “Part 4 gon’ be a movie nigga… Literally” perhaps a short film is in the future?

14. Outro (feat. Lil Snupe & French Montana)

Lil Snupe’s introduction is amazing. Rest easy brother. “I been the king for this rap shit” bold claim from Meek Milly. Hard 808 and good 808 melody on this, I like it. Meek’s ferocious on this track. I like the flow switch up and beat switch up. French’s entrance is great. Seems like French is here to add more melody to the track, which is a good insertion to the track.


Overall it’s a good project from Meek. He introduced some new flows and sounded different than the past. This is a great addition to his catalogue. And as he’s said before, this is the last time he’s going to be rapping about violent shit so enjoy this while you can. The future looks bright with Meek, this project is sure to bring back some street credit. We’ll see what the first week sales numbers look like but he should do well with this project, there’s room for versatility when it comes to who would buy it.