The 6-God and the rapper from Zone 6 are back at it with another collaboration effort, this time produced by Zaytoven. The track is called “Used to This” and is the leading track off Future’s upcoming “Beast Mode 16 mixtape”, his 3rd release of the year. The duo dropped a music video for it too so I thought I’d review both the song and the video at once:

The video opens up with some dope shots from the Summer Sixteen tour. Pretty sweet. Very high quality video, as to be expected.

Zaytoven does a quality job with the pianos on this track. Future starts off with a strong voice, trying to sing and hit a new melody. The track definitely sounds a lot different than anything either of them have put out before. Which is good because it shows that they’re trying to do something different. The scenario for the video is impressive and obviously well thought out.

Drake slides in showing that nobody can forget he can sing too. This collar never fails for me because you can really hear the chemistry. Drake switches flow from singing to rapping with such ease, it’s become a flawless and legitimate transition formula for him.

Decent song overall. I’ll give it my stamp of approval. Not sure what kind of direction this means Future will be going with for his new mixtape but so far it’s sounding like it’ll be completely new. Unlike anything he’s released before. Which is exciting to think about.

Here’s the video for you to watch at your leisure: