The Warriors bounced out the Thunder by a score of 122-96 two nights ago. On this night Durant truly showed up and came through. I don’t want to focus too much on his productivity that night. Steve Kerr called play after play for Durant and he took every advantage of the opportunity. He hit a plethora of 3s, some of them from deep.

Most interestingly Durant was seen talking a lot of trash to some members of the Thunder squad. Personally speaking I think the Thunder bench needs to shut up because there are only two players on that team worthy of trash talking Durant in game: Steven Adams and Russell Westbrook, of course. After all the trash talk took place is when Kerr called Durant’s number over and over again. KD took advantage of every opportunity and ended up overpowering the Thunder.

Of course this isn’t really surprising because after Durant left the Thunder don’t look like a top tier Western Conference team anymore.