And so it happens. Steph Curry’s glorious 3-point record, which he has upheld since November 11th, 2014, came to an end in a loss to the Lakers. The Lakers always seem to be a kryptonite for the Warriors team. One of the 9 losses suffered by the Warriors was the result of an upset by the Lakers. That game was one of the largest upsets in NBA history, possibly the largest if I’m not mistaken.

The young core of the Lakers were impressive. Russell, Clarkson, and Randle (particularly Randle) showed up on the night to let Golden State know that they can’t be counted out either.

The big news, however, was that Steph’s legendary 3-point streak came to an end. Steph reacted calmly in a post game interview with some high hopes stating that he plans to start a new streak. Teams have really been buckling down their defence on Curry in recent years so nobody can blame him for the night. In fact, if anything this will further inspire Curry to keep on going and come back with an even longer streak than before.