Initial rumours pinned Meek’s latest project at around 50K, which had me absolutely embarrassed and confused. I was confused because I hold Meek to the standard of him being the 4th dude of his generation, after Drake, Cole, and Kendrick. When I first heard he did 50K I immidietly thought that it was far too low for a man of his stature in the game.

But thankfully those initially numbers were off. Meek proceeded to sell 83,331 equivalent album units first week. My reaction to this is that the numbers are okay but it’s nothing too great either. This can’t be considered a flop (partly cuz this is only a mixtape) but it can’t be considered living up to his potential. Meek did over 200K with Dreams Worth More Than Money.

I’m not expecting Meek to do those kind of numbers ever again following the beef with Drake. Those days are over because Meek no longer has access to the casual hip hop listeners since they all see him in light of what happened with Drake. I’m waiting to see what his ALBUM numbers look like though. That’ll give us a better sense of where Meek is currently at in the game.

Did you enjoy DC4 they way I did or was it trash to you?