LeBron James passed Hakeem Olajuwon when the Cavs played the 76ers to enter the prestigious top-10 all-time scorers club. Great look for King James as he continues his personal quest to surpass the “ghost” of Michael Jordan. The Cavs continue to look in top form this season and continue their winless streak through their first 6 games.

I’m happy to see this (as a fan of LeBron James the basketball player) but I’m still slightly unconvinced. Only because there have only been 6 games roughly this year so far and also because the Cavs have yet to face a top-tier team such as San Antonio or Golden State. I want to see how they fare against teams such as them. They’re proving that their trek to the Eastern Conference Finals and then NBA Finals will be in a similar fashion to last year with little resistance.

LeBron is not too far off from surpassing his next target Elvin Hayes. He’ll need to rack up approximately over 1500 more points for that to happen but it’s within reach. Don’t forget that LeBron is still only 31 years old. I’ve made the argument before that he has at least 3 years left of elite play before we start seeing a physical decline. Mentally he’s always going to incline and be a better player, but his physical body is another story.