French Montana drops his new project called Mac & Cheese 4, continuing his Mac & Cheese series. Previous rumours had this mixtape as to be not released. However it seems that something happened which caused Montana to have a change of heart. MC4 is a project I’ve been waiting for probably since No Shopping dropped as a single off the new project.

Check out my quick first listen impressions:

1. Ready (Intro)

“In the game nigga, no mercy”. The sample plays out smoothly in the background throughout the track. French enters on a pretty good flow. Good intro track for the project, makes me excited to see what else is coming.

2. Play Yaself

“I’d rather be with youuuu”, I actually enjoyed this track quite a bit. The beat has an airy tropical vibe to it. Montana kills his verses and glides over the instrumental. My favourite part of the track is the chorus, which is very well done. “Do your motherfucking homework if you still in school, dumb nigga”.

3. No Shopping

This track was previously released with Drake, I already think it’s fuckin flames, period. As I stated before, this is the track that made me look forward to the project. Drake does his thing with the Joe Budden disses. French does his thing on the melodic flow. Check the YouTube video out if you haven’t already yet.

4. 2 Times

The sample is crazy. So far French’s production choices have been amazing. He seems to glide through these samples with ease. Salute the the producer on this track (Maaly Raw) and all the other producers so far.

5. Every Time (feat. Jeezy)

In my opinion, this is the first mediocre track on the project. The beat is okay and the song isn’t sub par, but in comparison to the previous tracks it doesn’t match up.

6. Said N Done (feat. A$AP Rocky)

This track is refreshing to me. Always good to hear the pretty nigga, Pretty Flacko, A$AP Rocky on a track. Rocky nails his parts in this song. The drums on the beat sound quite unique. “Oh My God”

7. Heated

The 808s are mean on this track. The vocals are laid in an interesting fashion on this joint. Doesn’t ruin the track though. Nothing too special about this track.

8. Lockjaw

Lockjaw, like No Shopping, has already been previously released prior to MC4’s release. You can also check out the YouTube video if you haven’t yet. I love this track, Kodak’s semi mono tone flow on the chorus glides smooth. Kodak is one of the new school rappers that I really support and fuck with.

9.Check Come

Another average track in my opinion. The song starts with a feature of the “Pranking My African Dad” video. The music itself is okay, oddly placed in the flow of the project in my opinion.

10. Brick Road

Another decent track, a smooth instrumental again. Harry Fraud the producer did some good work on this track. Montana sounds good flowing over the beat.

11. Xplicit (feat. Miguel)

I actually really enjoyed this track. Miguel sounds smooth on the hook. The beat once again is very good. Most importantly the beat fits both Miguel’s parts and Montana’s parts. Montana hits a unique flow on his verse that works well on the track.

12. Figure It Out (feat. Kanye West & Nas)

This is a really really really nice track, probably my favourite on the project. Kanye kills his shit. Montana kills his shit. Nas, of course, kills his shit. The beat is well done, and a perfect fit. This song was fit really well into the entirety of the project. Overall fuckin flames, phenomenal track. As an aspiring producer, these are the kind of tracks I look up to.

13. Have Mercy (feat. Beanie Sigel)

Funny introduction scenario on this track. Does well to lay down the ground for the beat to take over. A great beat at that. The hook is crazy. Beanie Sigel does a good job on his verse.

14. Chinx Max / Paid For (feat. Max B)

The last track on the tape. RIP to Chinx forever. This track is also pretty flames, I can’t lie. A good track to close the tape. French goes in on his verses. The beat is exquisite, complete with another dope sample. French introduces his mother to do a prayer before the beat switch up into “Paid For”.

My overall impression of this project is that it’s a pretty solid effort from French. I would like a little more clarification on exactly why this project was supposed to be cancelled, but nonetheless it’s here for our enjoyment. Stream the project and check it out for yourself and let know what you think about it in the comments.