Has Derozan really improved?

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So far through the season Derozan’s been the leading scorer in the league. But that’s old news. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing.

People. Derozan has yet to do ANYTHING yet in the league. Before you think I’m hating, I’m actually a huge fan of the Raptors. I follow the Raptors closely and watch their games. (Being in Canada they’re my only choice).

Yes Derozan has been balling. Yes he’s leading the league. Yes Toronto is a top 4 team (as of this moment, based on last year’s results) in the league. But Toronto’s franchise overall has never done anything. It’s good that Derozan is doing this with the Raptors though. Remember he had that opportunity to leave. He potentially had a chance to go to LA, where he was born (Compton, specifically). His mid range game has greatly improved. But I still don’t see him as a superstar in the league. Not to discredit him, it’s just there are others that are slightly better.